Love more of the old styles than new styles

  1. Anyone else feel that the old styles (sophia,stella,MP's,blakes,etc) are much nicer than the newer ones? I really have no desire at all for the stams - any of those quilted bags w/ the chain strap. They don't appeal to me - just all the older styles I'm obsessed with. I love the classic buckles in silver - I'm not feeling any of his newer bag styles :sad:
  2. I wholeheartedly agree!!:yes: :yes:
    PS-still looking for a sap green Blake!!!
  3. don't own any MJ bags yet but not keen on what I saw of this season -

    I love the Multipocket so may go for that one at some point (hopefully), ideally before there are none left.

    The Stam has been overdone IMO.
  4. I haven't warmed up to the gold-toned h/w as of yet, but think it does compliment the darker leathers. I like the Christy in white, but has the gold h/w. I like the lighter, brighter colors, and miss the nickel h/w.

    As for the chain straps, I think that they would dig into my shoulder. I fell in love with the Bal Harbour satchel in Saks, but the chain "cheapened" the bag, IMHO.

    I remain on the hunt for a past-season yellow or pink lg. MP.
  5. I'm not into quilted at all. Or Stams. I really love the Sophia with the silver hardware. I'm sad Sophias aren't made anymore.. I don't like the new styles either.
  6. No offense to those that like the new line but too am not a big fan. I find the chains to be a bit much. I love my old style MJ bags.

    I do like Chanel bags with chains but for some reason the chains on the MJ bags don't work for me.
  7. :yes: I whole-heartedly agree! I'm not into quilting or the stams either. Sophias, Stellas, Blakes and Pocket Satchels for me all the way.
  8. Yeah I'm not nuts about the new styles. I think some of them are very beautiful to look at, but they're not for me. I miss nickel hardware. I really don't like the shiny gold. It's too much. I hope he switches back to the nickel h/w. My bf says I should abandon MJ and switch to different designer.
  9. :yes: I have to agree... while there are a few of the newer bags that have caught my eye... I am alot more likely to swoon over the ones with the nickel hardware and I feel like I could have tons of multiples of some of the older styles, because of all of the gorgeous colors...
  10. I like both the old and the thing I've noticed is that the photos of the newer bags never do them justice. The colors are nearly always so much better in person.
  11. I do love the older soft calf bags much more than the new styles that are out. Too bad that all of the older style bags (such as the Stella and Sophia) aren't kept on entirely and updated each season with the new colors.
  12. I love the older styles, too....however, I do love the little stam in topaz....I think that would be a nice evening bag...
  13. I don't do gold or chains, so I won't be partaking in any new MJ. Just doesn't fit with my current style. Thankfully there are some older styles still available to purchase.
  14. Yes, I prefer the old styles.
  15. I agree with you all. I definitely prefer the nickel hardware over the gold.