Love calculator :D

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  1. LOL

    Whaaaa. . .it gave me and my BF a 48%! PSH! Haha :P
  2. Thats cute !!!!
  3. I got a 64%... ha ha!
  4. I got 94%:love:

    [SIZE=+1]"Dr. Love thinks that a relationship has a very good chance of being successful, but this doesn't mean that you don't have to work on the relationship. Remember that every relationship needs spending time together, talking with each other etc."[/SIZE]

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. It gave me and my boyfriend 13%. Kind of insane when you consider we've been together NINE years.
  6. Right. Leave it to me to be the odd-ball of the bunch....

    0%!! yeap. 0%:smile:

    cute though.:amuse:
  7. Huh! Here's what it has to say about hubby and I, even though we've been married 18 years! It gave us a 0%!

    Dr. Love thinks a relationship might work out between Tammy and Gary, but the chance is very small. A successful relationship is possible, but you both have to work on it. Do not sit back and think that it will all work out fine, because it might not be working out the way you wanted it to. Spend as much time with each other as possible. Again, the chance of this relationship working out is very small, so even when you do work hard on it, it still might not work out.
  8. haha. same thing for me....0%.

    Ive been married for 3years
  9. oh no! my bf and i got a 0%...
  10. 89% for dh and I.

  11. You have to calculate it with your full names:biggrin: Let's see what the result is then:amuse:
  12. 73% here...we're already married so I hope it works out :amuse:

  13. same comment for me...but with a 84%....
    ....but funny!
  14. Oops, missed that the first time. Okay, now I feel better. With full names, it gives us 88%.
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