Lousy month...

  1. The past month has been really awful, and I'm stressing out heaps. First I found out I had glaucoma..tests, meds, etc, etc. I couldn't do my research because I had bad reactions to meds and blurry eyesight.

    Then I started getting crank calls by someone who thinks it's fun to issue death threats. Then I'm so distracted by all that this evening that my front tire hits a curb and goes out of whack. I had to get my car towed and look forward to a repair bill of several hundred dollars on Monday....

    (lays head on keyboard and :crybaby:)
  2. I am so sorry. Hope the meds help your eyes and that's totally crappy about your car. Death threats???? Freakin' sickos -- that is absolutely horrible.

    Please take care -- hugs to you! :yes::heart:
  3. EEK! So sorry! Look at it this way..itll only get better!!!
    I can kinda relate to cruddy months..LOL...after this month..Im ready for Feb...CHIN UP!
  4. <hugs>

    I hope the doctors are able to give you medication that will help.

    Get the police involved for the crank calls. It's not the least bit funny.

  5. So sorry to hear :sad: Hope things look up & you're feeling better soon!
  6. Gosh, so sorry this is all happening at once for you. I hope you can get the help you need both from your doc and the police/phone company.
  7. Oh medhavini I want to crawl through your keyboard and give you a big, huge hug!! Yes, things WILL get better. Your meds will do their job so you can get back to your life and work! ITA to call the police with those crank calls. Your car can get fixed - so glad you are not hurt.

    If it's any consolation, I too find that life serves up drama in giant clusters for me as well. In 2005 within about 5 months my grandfather passed away, my father had cancer surgery (thankfully, successful), I had to step down from a work promotion that was not working out, I went through a very stressful and expensive unplanned legal matter and then found out I was probably going to lose my job. I tell you, for the longest time even getting out of bed in the morning was an effort.

    I will keep you in my prayers!!
  8. ^^^ITA! I've found that things come in threes, and relatively closely spaced together. That happened to me in the last third of 2006, so keep your spirits up and try to think positively.
  9. :heart: hugs:heart: So sorry about every bad thing that happened to you! Cheer up!
  10. So sorry for you just keep looking on the bright side we are all here for you
  11. I'm sorry you're having a rough month.. HUGS* I'm sending happy thoughts your way. And I wish that you'll be able to get a break from whoever's hassling you.
  12. *hugs* so sorry this is all happening.
    Hope you're feeling better soon! :flowers:
  13. It does seem that problems come in bunches. The stress must seem overwhelming and I'm so sorry you're going thru all this, medhavini. (((hugs))) I agree about the police being told about the crank caller. Don't try to handle everything yourself.

    The glaucoma diagnosis must be scary for you. I believe in most cases, medication can control it fairly well. In the meantime, the side effects just make life harder for you, so with all this going on I can completely understand how the thing with your car happened.

    It doesn't seem fair when bad things happen to good people. We're here and we care about you. Prayers being sent your way.:heart:
  14. Best wishes and Gods blessing to you!!!!!

    I think that we all go through rough patches like that.....I remember thinking that life is just way to cruel....but if you just keep you chin up and go forward, you will be just fine.....:yes:

  15. Oh I am sorry! I hope you feel better, heck, I know you will! Just know that this is a period of time, but everything will be better!