Louis Vuitton White Multicolore Trouville

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  1. Hi everyone! I REALLY want a white MC Trouville but I was reading that the white canvas can turn yellow due to bleeding of the red lining. Is this happening to all the white MC bags or has LV corrected this problem? I called the 866 number & the lady I spoke to said she has never heard of this & it shouldn't ever happen. Thank you in advance for your help :smile:
  2. I have quite a few MC white pieces including the trouville and the only item of mine which has turned yellow is my keepall. I do believe years 2004 and on this has been corrected.
  3. I think its just the very first mc's that were doing this. I've heard early keepalls, mini hl speedy and the Mc speedys.

    I dont think i've heard of many if any of the alma's or pochettes doing it but then again I could be wrong. Again I think this is an early issue and its been resolved.

    I have a Mc speedy from when they first came out and have no issues with it.
  4. I called the 866 number back in August 2006 and asked them about this problem too because I was interested in buying a White MC Speedy.

    They stated that the redish/pinkish bleeding through the white canvas was caused by a specific glue that was used back in 2003-2004.

    Therefore, LV has corrected this problem by using a certain type of adhesive tape rather than glue.

    So no worries, all White MC Handbags made from 2005 and up should be fine.
  5. Is it the glue that holds the lining in place ?

    I wonder if you can have the lining replaced to avoid this issue ?
  6. oh gosh. I have a white MC trouville I bought off of elux a couple years back---has to be 2004-05. I haven't noticed any bleeding as of yet. I also have a pochette from that same time period that hasn't bled.

    I will have to wait and see, I guess.
  7. Havent noticed bleeding from my MC Alma from 2004. Hope it doesnt happen :sad:
  8. My trouville is new but it's already yellow.....

    I asked my SA, she said they still have problem...
    She said she doesn't know why.

    I saw some trouvilles at the store.
    A trouville was already yellow only the front pocket.

    I might ask her again.

    My husband doesn't care about bags but he said he can tell the color is big diffrent as other parts.
  9. Wow I hope they did correct the problem, my bf just got me a white MC trouville for my birthday and I'd hate for it to start to turn color. I have a white MC speedy though, that I've had for a couple of years and it hasn't yellowed.
  10. I've been told it has been fixed and it is still happening to some NEW bags? :wtf:

    Yikes, this is very scary to hear. :shocked:

    They should take all White MC bags with the red alacantra interior off the market if they are still having the bleeding problem.

    All these loyal customers are paying lots of money for defected bags. :tdown:
  11. My MC pochette is OK, still white. I bought in 2004.

    My trouville, only the front is looks old.
    If turned color of the all surface, I can't tell or I think already dirty...but it's only the pocket is strange.

  12. it's mine.

  13. I have the white MC trouville and it hasn't turned red yet, still in perfect condition with light patina, even though I've had it for well over a year. :smile:
  14. Now I'm torn & don't know what to do :confused1: Should I chance it and buy a white MC? I called my LV store & the guy told me that the only way it'll turn color is if it's exposed to direct sunlight, moisture or gets wet. It sounds like a hit or miss with the White MC's.
  15. Ok, So I finally went to the LV Store & the SA was very nice. She told me that they did have a problem with yellowing prior to 2003 but it has been corrected. She said if any white MC bag turn yellow now it's either because color from clothing transfered onto it or it's from a bad batch. I think I'm going to go for it & buy the White MC Trouville. I was told if it turns color & it's found to be a defect they will replace it. My only other option is buying a Black MC Audra instead (I don't like the trouville in black).