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  1. Has anyone had a vintage steamer trunk restored by Louis Vuitton?! Looking for before and after pictures, reviews and costs. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have had several clients bring back vintage trunks for restoration. It’s been a while but I can tell you, it’s not cheap. The trunk has to be evaluated to see if 1) it is repairable, 2) what elements are and what elements are not repairable. It also depends on the trunk model (how old is your trunk?). Replacing the lining, removable drawers, hardware, etc. is easy and common. Structural damage is what becomes more expensive. So my advice is to take it to your local store for a full evaluation and a personalized estimate.
  3. Hi, my trunk is around 130 years old. I have attached some photos. Louis Vuitton advised the same but I live 100 miles away from the nearest store and as in worried it could be expensive I wasn't sure if it would be worth the trip.

    Is there much of a difference in price between LV and a third party doing the restoration?

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  4. Nice trunk, but it does look like there is some structural water damage on the bottom board which is where there would be a metal edge piece as well that is missing. Still worth a good price with the damage and missing hardware.
  5. How much would you says it's worth? I've heard conflicting amounts and it's leaving me confused. I'm unsure if it's worth spending money for a restoration as I've been advised its worth less than what I paid so in worried about losing money if I decide to sell. Any info would be gratefully received
  6. A similar trunk with stripes finish sold on eBay in June for $2225.
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