Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2013 Menswear

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  1. (RTW discussion not accessories)

    What's the general consensus of the SS13 men's collection?

    I personally thought that it was fabulous in terms of creativity, and ultimately reasonably wearable.

    I'm not keen on the cuts of some of the suits; I'm a slim fit kind of guy, and the bagginess of some of the trousers made me wince...

    Evidently the theme was 'underwater', which explains the wetsuits, life jackets and in part the fluorescent colours.. :P

    I also love the new layering trend with suits... Prada AW12 epitomised it and I loved the elegance and slight boisterous nature of it all.

    00260h.jpg 00080h.jpg 00150h.jpg 00350h.jpg 00040h-11.jpg 00370h1.jpg 00250h.jpg 00210h.jpg 00130h.jpg
  2. Lolwut... O_O
    That yellow jack + pant combo looks like something from Canadian tire...actually I think thats my rain poncho for camping right there :roflmfao:
  3. I like the suits the best... The other stuff not so much!! Except the neon duffel bag.....love that!!!!
  4. I adore the knitwear and especially the first photo... Subterranean chic! ;)
  5. I'm not sure what I like about this collection yet. I do like the bags though. The neon yellow (or green?) is kinda cool.
  6. I really like what appears to be some type of Damier Graphite scuba bag, and the sweater in the 2nd look. Thing is, I know the bag will probably be 3+k and the sweater will be at least 1200, so I'll most likely pass unless I really love them after seeing them in person.

    Anybody have a clue about what the circular pouch / bag the guy in look 4 has tucked underneath his arm??? It looks like it might be a new material / canvas - very interested in what that piece is.
  7. Found some backstage pics that highlight the bags a bit more. Check these out!

    Looks like Neon Infini Keepall 45's are what those yellow / green bags are!
    louis-vuitton-mens-backstage-spring-summer-2013-pfw31.jpg louis-vuitton-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-pfw1.jpg louis-vuitton-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-pfw24.jpg louis-vuitton-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-pfw25.jpg louis-vuitton-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-pfw28.jpg louis-vuitton-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-pfw31.jpg louis-vuitton-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-pfw33.jpg louis-vuitton-mens-details-spring-summer-2013-pfw38.jpg louis-vuitton-mens-backstage-spring-summer-2013-pfw19.jpg
  8. I like most of the menswear, some are just gross imo. I don't like the neon bags but I DO really like the DE duffle looking bag with the black leather. Sexy!
  9. Oh my I love this


    If only it was unisex
  10. I hope the bag charm from that bag is sold separately...
  11. I think all bags are unisex ;)
  12. Thought I'd bump this thread after receiving my Men's S/S 2013 catalog the other day. I must say I'm pretty impressed with the line, although many of the L.E. bags are absurdly expensive. I was expecting the backpack to price in around 4k, but was pretty shocked to see the actual price tag of $13,300.

    Just in case anybody is wondering, I'm referring to the large backpack in DG with the neon trim and leather back piece. It's being called the "Backpack in Damier Challenge canvas," which I assume is the name for the combo of primarily DG canvas with the neon and leather trims.

    I called LV to inquire about the piece, and was told that (obviously) very very few will be produced for sale. It's going to be released mid-february, but the rep didn't give me a specific date.

    PS - The neon Keepall Bandoulière in Damier Infini is gonna be coming in at $2950. I'd assume they'll be producing a greater number of these than most of the other L.E. pieces for the season given its unisex nature and practicality, so check it out if you're interested!

    EDIT: After checking into the backpack a bit more, it appears that the Damier Challenge is actually a NYLON composition, not a canvas. Apparently the material is designed to be very light-weight but also highly water-resistant, and will be implemented on a few other items, as well. It has been referred to on other sites as the "Oxygen Damier Challenge" material, FYI.
  13. Thanks for the prices I love the neon keepalls, do you know how much the DE wallets with the neon interior will be?
  14. I always love the scarfs. Anyone have intel on those worn on the runway?

    I also like the bag charm!
  15. I love them as well! I just checked the catalog and they appear to be coming in at $735. This is the DE Brazza wallet, which I believe will be the only standard canvas wallet with a neon interior being offered.

    A couple of other accessories / SLG's will be available in neon Damier Infini, as well. These appear to be....

    Trousse Toilette in DI - $1100
    Brazza Wallet in DI - $790
    Pocket Organizer in DI - $400

    I think I'll have to purchase the pocket organizer :graucho:

    PS - I will try to take some shots of the catalog's more interesting / L.E. items and upload them for anybody who didn't get a catalog themselves. I know that they are not being previewed on the website, so it may be helpful.