Louis Vuitton SPA Question/

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  1. I do have a 94 taiga briefcase, just curious if Lv does have a SPA treatment program like Hermes which they can restore the condition of the bag? Btw, I just need the brass to be polished ( sine they are tarnished) and the leather -reconditioned and cleaned ( esp the inside)

    Thanks, any reccomedation appreciated
  2. As far as I know, no, LV dosen't offer a spa treatmeant!
  3. what should I do then/
  4. LV doesn't offer a cleaning service anymore, at least not in Australia. However, you may be able to get the brass hardware replaced if spare parts are available. LV will generally service or repair leather goods as long as spare parts are available. If your briefcase is a discontinued model, spare parts will remain available generally for 15 years. Best to enquire at your local boutique.
  5. Hello,
    If the item is a HARDCASE item they will be able to repair it forever! However - LV typically gets "LV Cancer" with the interrors. Especially in high humidity areas....

    No spa treatment that I am aware of.... SUCH A SHAME as I would certainly use!

    Probably best to do some searches on here for cleaning ideas.... brass can be cleaned with "brasso" - do it carefully.

    Leather can be cleaned with 1) wet cloth 2) soapy cloth 3) wet cloth (rinse) and 4) dry cloth

    You can then use some leather conditioner.... I use a conditioner from Oroton. Then a light buff! Fantastic results.

    Brass is not hard to clean.... just BORING! and slow.... but take it easy and do a good job - try not to get brasso on the Leather/Canvas.

    Kind regards,