louis vuitton robert wilson

  1. OMG love these bags. Does anyone know what bags were made in this range and when they were made etc. there beautiful :yahoo:
  2. From my knowledge:

    Reade PM, MM, and GM

    They were made in 2002. ;)
  3. I love them too!
  4. can you post pics of them??i dont think i saw them yet....
  5. Here is a groupshot of a fellow PF'ers RW bags. ;)

  6. omfg they look awsome....are they discontinued?
  7. They are discontinued. They were made in 2002.
  8. GORGEOUS! Ohhh an orange Mercer duffle would look so great!
  9. Michelle1025 has the fuchsia/orange and orange/fuchsia Reade MM totes from LetTrade. They're gorgeous!!
  10. are the blacklights made with epi leather? never seen them before theyre soooooo cute
  11. Yes, love my Robert Wilson bags, but have yet to use them. :Push:
    Here they are:

  12. OMG I love those! They are incredible!!
  13. OMG...that is such and amazing collection!!1:drool:
  14. those are soo cool
    ive never seen anything like it
    in my 15 years on this earth
    im in love haha :biggrin: