Louis Vuitton Mirior in Australia

  1. Hi everyone, I was totally devastated when I was told that they sold out of the Mirior that I have been waiting forever to get. I have just moved to another state, and the place that I was from, the LV SA will ring me up whenever there is new stock, they ring me up still but I was unable to go and get it when they arrived back from where I came from. I moved to Sydney and obviously they did not ring me here and when I went for the LV xmas party in Sydney, they told me they sold out the moment they came in. I am devastated and will do every means to get one, might ring up another country where I have friends in, I will not go on eBay due to several reasons which I will not state. By the way, I am dying for the Papillon.
    Anyway, I started this thread to find out about those lucky ones that have obtain a Mirior in Australia. Please state the price you got it for too. Just for reference. And photos please. Thanks ladies!:heart: And Happy New Year[​IMG]
  2. Welcome to the forum:yes: I got a gold pap...most of the miroir items here had been allocated or pre-sold (that was the case with the Sydney store as they requested payment upfront .. this is NOT LV policy here but they did due to the high demand for miroir).
  3. I forgot to add a photo of my pap:shame: It was AUS$1670.
    Miroir Pap Dec 06.jpg
  4. Here is a picture of my Silver Speedy. It was AU$1910. The listings on eBay have lessened as well as they also have been snapped up quick.
  5. Your sooo lucky. Did you pre-order yours? What did you do to make sure you got yours?
    I have no idea how LV work here in Sydney.

    Also is that a white suhali lockit in the pic? I have never seen one before?
  6. The speedy is hot hot hot!!!!
  7. I placed my name on the reservation list as soon as I saw the photos from the runway show that was around April?? THEN I just kept checking with the manager that I would be able to get it ... no pre-payment here. I know the GC store only received TWO miroir items and my store only received a few miroir items too ..gold was hard to locate than silver as stores here received more silver than gold:yes: That is my lockit too .. I love that bag:love:
  8. :yes: Your suhali lockit is really gorgeous! Suits you perfectly :heart:
  9. i was told that the lv store in califorina has a sliver pappion for sale, they have already filled their wait list. call 866 vuitton and be persistant, as of three hours ago it was for sale to the public. good luck
  10. Welcome! I hope you manage to find a pap. Love the pap in the gold.:drool:
  11. I just rang UK and seem like there are still many people waiting on their waiting list. I'm gonna cry. I have no access to USA.

  12. Are there any up in QLD?
  13. No ... but I was offered a silver speedy last week which I declined so there may be some around Aus:yes:
  14. Wow lucky you :nuts:
    I heard from the SA that there may be a 2nd shipment to Australia but she wasn't def., so don't lose hope!
  15. I know the SA said they had just got one in store and wondered if I would like it but I thanked her and declined .. so there MAY be more around ;)