Louis Vuitton Michael Backpack

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  1. I bought a Pre loved Louis Vuitton Michael Bacpack online and received my delivery today.

    Everything looks perfect on the bag and the quality is second to none. I'm just a little concerned as every example I am looking at online do not have Louis Vuitton stamped on the back of the bag. And instead have a leather square inside the bag.

    Also my serial number is within the main compartment of the bag and YouTube videos say it should be in the pocket of the middle pouch.
    The serial reads RI1184. Could this be a result of different factories creating the bags. Or should I be worried?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  2. Did you buy it in Damier Graphite or in Damier Infini?
    This bag is highly counterfeited so I would definitely post in the Authenticate Thread in the Louis Vuitton Shopping subforum.
  3. *same
  4. My Michael which I sold actually had no made in stamp- it was bizarre. It was a made in France piece based on the date code but no stamp anywhere!Another one had the stamp on the strap, some have it on the back leather patch on top, and some inside. Go figure. They made a lot of slight variations with the Michael over time (within the first generation model with the flap over the zipper)