Louis Vuitton: Lockit Horizontal vs. Cabas Mezzo?

  1. What is the best Louis Vuitton shoulder bag that is versatile (appropriate for night as well as day), a functional good size (big enough for everyday daytime use), LOOKS GOOD, not too young or teeny-bopper, e.t.c. So far, I've sort of narrowed it down to the Cabas Mezzo and Lockit Horizontal. Which one do you like better? I also like the Looping MM, but I've heard bad things about the special single shoulder strap hurting people. The Speedy 30 seems great- versatile for night/evening as well as day, a functional big enough size, looks good, BUT it doesn't have shoulder straps, so it is a definite no for me (I NEED shoulder straps). And if there's another LV shoulder bag that you could recommend, that would be great... thanks.
  2. You'll have a huge response if you repost this in the LV forum.....
  3. Cabas Mezzo or Babylone???????
  4. I like the Lockit Horizontal. It's a gorgeous bag IRL.
  5. I actually prefer the cabas mezzo. Although I'm pretty sure the LH could hold more (much wider), I don't like the rolled handles of the LH. Both bags are much too big for me to use everyday, but I know the Cabas Mezzo would be something I'd be more comfortable with.

    The tote look that the mezzo has looks classic to me. :yes:
  6. i've been in the same predicament...

    my HONEST opinion, I think the LH is more versatile to wear during day (work/schoo/errands..whatever) and night (casual/business dinner/shows etc.) The shape is very chic also, that is why I love it! It can be casual and also look good with suits and very businessy.

    The cabas mezzo I find is more for school and weekend or running errands. I find the shape is just kinda - blah - kind of plain-jane, kwim??

    If i had both I would use the LH more for work/weekend, and cabas mezzo when I'm travelling (as a handcarry bag) or if I'm going away for the weekend to put clothes in...and i'd bring my LH as a going out bag..LOL.

    also, I did inquire about the rolled handle issue and those that own the LH say that even when their bags are full the handles doesn't bother them...
  7. OUt of the two, I'd say the cabas mezzo. Have you considered the popincourt haute?
  8. have you considered the Batignolles Horizontal or Batignolles Vertical as well?! I think the BV is a great, it's in between a mezzo and LH i think.
  9. Lockit Horizontal! love the bag!
  10. lockit!
  11. Lockit!!!!!!!!!
  12. LH. Even though I like the Cabas Mezzo better. Sounds like you need this bag all day long.
  13. Lockit!!
  14. lockit horizontal!
  15. I just got my lockit and am enjoying it! Later today, I'm going to post under "what's in my bag".

    The mezzo is good, but more casual. To me, it's not something that is as good for every day, but makes a nice travel bag for a short weekend trip.