Louis Vuitton Leopard and Monogram Collection Coming September 15th!

  1. Forgive me if someone has already posted. I searched and didn't find the complete list...

    Only 4 Styles made and only 1800 bags made altogether!

    The Frame (the smaller of the two in Kate Moss ad) $3,500

    Cathy (a one shoulder strap bag) $4,060

    Stephen (a doctor style bag) $4,620

    The Steamer (the larger bag in the Kate Moss ad) $7,700
    approx measures 21 x 19 wasn't given width.

    Drool! Can you imagine with only 1800 in the entire collection, what Seller's will ask for these!
  2. Hmmm... I wonder which eBay seller will get the bag first? I'm thinking... eBoutique?
  3. To expensive.....*tear*
  4. Do you have any pictures please:tender: ?

  5. ohh i want to see pictures. i must have one of these bags! if any random person [aka me being pretty random] walks in to LV on the 15th will they let us buy it or will they be like hermes ppl? :P
  6. Yea, I would love to see some pix..! :P
  7. Lol..not too fond of them. They're those ones with the leopard print.
    The one in the attachment is the $7700 Steamer.
  8. Love the bags:love: :love: ...too expensive though:crybaby: :crybaby:
  9. totally love this bag, but the price is ARRRGGGHHH
  10. Awww I love purses, but I can't afford 7K for a purse. I love leopard prints! That's so sad the prices are high for me. =(
  11. this collection will most likely be out of my price range!:nuts:
  12. Really Gorgeous Bag
    But so Expensive :wtf:
    :crybaby: I cant afford!!!
  13. i must have that! i cant wait til sept 15!!
  14. Most September fashion magazines have the LV Kate Moss ad, which includes a picture of The Frame, and a Steamer. Magazines I have seen the ad include W, Town and Country, and Vogue. Regarding the question can anyone walk in a LV store and order one? If anyone wants to buy any of these bags the fastest and most reliable way is 866-VUITTON, and have your credit card ready! I believe so many people lose out on bags or have to wait for months and months by putting their names on waiting lists at the LV stores. Get yourself a subscription to one of the above magazines or others and religiously look at all articles and advertisements as soon as the magazines arrive. If you see something you want, especially something new, immediately call 866-VUITTON. I have the number in my cell phone at the ready! They are open Mon - Fri 6am - 8pm, Saturday 7am - 8pm, and Sunday 8am - 7pm Pacific Standard time. It is a misconception that you have to go to New York or Paris during Fashion Week or be a celebrity to get bags without waiting. For example, I live in Orange County California, I live near the South Coast Plaza LV store. When the first ads came out of Giselle with the Monogram Multicolore Franges Bucket, I immediately called the above number. I was told there were waiting lists at all the stores, but if I told her what I wanted and leave my tel number and credit card she would call me. Right, fat chance with 10 page waiting lists at all the stores! She called the very next day and I purchased my White Fringe Bucket. I stopped by the LV store 2 weeks after I got my bucket, and I was mauled by everyone in the store asking how I got the bucket. Even the store Manager wanted to look it over. No one had set eyes on one yet, and people were still calling asking to be put on the list. Yes it takes money, but the retail value not some hyped up ebay price. LV doesn't care what your name is or who your related to. If you call and ask for something they will work their hardest to find what you want. Customer Services has access to every stores inventory in whatever country you're in. So for example, my Bucket came from Madison Ave, and last week I got shoes that came from Las Vegas. Both by calling 866-VUITTON. It blows me away that people buy LV catalogs on ebay for $30.00 and up. Anyone can order 2 a year sent to the same household address for $10.00 a piece. This year I got 2 for $10, and last year 2 for $20.00. Then 2 weeks later I got a jewelry catalog and a shoe catalog for free because I requested them when I bought the others. I always see LV catalogs listed on ebay as rare, a total and utter lie! So your last name doesn't have to be Simpson, but for some of these limited editions like the monogram and leopard, you better have her bank account. For those of you wanting to see some of my pics, I promise to work on getting some on tomorrow. Good night and may you all have sweet LV dreams.
  15. Here's another picture scanned from Teen Vogue...not sure which bag it is, but I bought the magazine just for the ad, really :P , although, I'm not really fond of the leopard print, either.