Louis Vuitton 'Legally Blonde' vernis bag

  1. I have just bought a fuschia vernis Bedford and have heard that this is the colour that Louis Vuitton did a bag for in the film Legally Blonde, does anyone have pics of Reese Witherspoon with the bag? And also, does anyone have pics of the same bag I could see? Does it have a shimmer?
  2. I just did some Googling and it looks like there were matching Fuchsia Vernis briefcases for Reese and her dog in Legally Blonde 2.
    Is this it? My eyes are terrible
    HTH a bit!
  3. sry i don't have pix, but all Vernis have shimmer undertone, gratz on ur purchase, can't wait to see model pix ^^
  4. Thank you!

  5. :yes::yes::love:
  6. There was a fuchsia vernis Pegase made for Legally Blonde. I know someone who owns one and it is SO beautiful:love: :love: I have never seen them on eBay or anywhere else besides in her collection. I love fuchsia vernis! I used to own a bedford, but sold it because I never used it. Now I just have the accessories, a french purse, eldridge and cles. They are my absolute favorite. It is the best vernis color LV ever made, IMO.
  7. thank you! Does anyone have pics of a bedford in this colour or the bag in the film?
  8. You learn something new everyday :smile:

  9. Yes I have seen that pic .. kathy has one .. its gorgeous
  10. So you can get a sense of the color, here is a picture of my fucshia accessories, except my french purse, I think I deleted that one.
    neweldridge.jpg fuchcles.jpg
  11. Beautiful! Thank you so much!
  12. ooh where is that pic?? I would love to see it!
  13. congrats! i hope to own a fuschia bedford one day!
  14. wow wow wow jenny

  15. I must have miss something because I seen this movie a 100 times. Didn't see any Bedfords. hhmm... Guess I'll have to watch it again. lol