Louis Vuitton Key/lock

  1. I have a quesiton and would be really greatful for some help. I just took a look at my the set of keys that go with my speedy. I noticed that it seems to be changing color, it's getting darker. Has anyone had this problem before? I purchased my Louis on eluxury and took it to the store to get it looked over. Its just that for the amount of money I paid for this bag you would think they would provide a key that doesn't change color. Help
  2. Have you gotten them wet and not dried them properly?
  3. o goodness.. it's a metal it will do that. if you want something that won't ever change color, get plastic. but even those change color over time.

    brass is a natural element/material (the lock & key are NOT gold.. it's a gold color. which is called brass) and it's in it's nature to become darker over time. which is what a lot of places selling lamps/etc in a finish called "antique brass" - it's an antiqued finish of a dark stained brass.. that will only get darker when it ages. it's a natural process and you can't stop it.

    you can however, CLEAN it or use brasso and shine it back up again.
  4. hmmm...well the only way for it to STOP changing color is to isolate it from any air (ie OXYGENNNNNNN!) because it's an oxidation process and the more it's exposed with the environment + humidity in the air (or from your hands, weather, rain...etc) then eventually you'll end up with the famous --> RUST!
  5. Yes, the lock/key are getting darker. Even though I am not a fan of this, I do think the color changing adds character to the bag.
  6. You can always polish them with brass polish.
  7. brasso will do the trick..
  8. I polished mine with toothpaste and a toothbrush.. don't know if it can be recommended, but it removed the discoloration..
  9. Just polish it up. Not a biggie. It's normal.
  10. Thanks everyone. I was wondering what was going on with my lock. :smile:
  11. I use either a Tiffany & Co. or John Hardy silver polishing cloth. Works like a charm.
  12. Plenty of info on lock and key FAQ's