Louis Vuitton Help

  1. Is there any way to stop the ageing of the leather i dont mind them older looking, But i really like the new look.
    So if there is any one that can tell me if there is a product to stop the ageing prosses.
    Thank you
  2. Hmmm....... someone please correct me if Im wrong, but I honestely dont think there is a way to keep the color process from changing. If you were to use a product, I would think it would cause more of the aging process.
  3. I dont think there is a way either, however on a lot of items you can have the leather replaced :biggrin:
  4. Can you have the leather replaced on the keepall
  5. Yes, you can have the leather replaced on anything. Keep in mind there is a fee though
  6. Sorry, there is no way to prevent that. I think the better the patina, the better it is because it looks vintage.
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