Louis vuitton helmet?

  1. $3000 for some ugly helmut? That wont sell.
  2. Interesting. Not my cup of tea.
  3. OHH I love it!
  4. Very interesting!
  5. Well i wont be buying this one!
  6. OMG!!! Interesting. I wont buy it tho'
  7. I wonder if this was something SO. I not interested but I am going to watch it to see if it sells.
  8. interesting but I do not think is gonna sell
  9. I prefer the Damier one that was out a long time ago
  10. I don't think it'll sell.
  11. It's nice but I like damier one more....;)
  12. rediculous
  13. would be kool if I had the ninga bike I wanted for x-mas maby the next x-mas ??:shrugs: