Louis Vuitton Feerique T-Strap **OPINIONS**

  1. I was thinking of buying these shoes. Anyone know if their comfortable? :tup:
    What kind of clothes would go with it? Enable me!!! :yes:
  2. It is definately a shoe that needs to be worn with a dress or skirt. Any light coloured floral pattern, most pastels, and also most neutrals would look good with this. The only thing is you would have to wait till spring to wear them, or some sort of big event. They look comfortable since they're almost a wedge. Go for it!
  3. not a fan. they look really tacky to me....reminds me of Lil Kim and Kimora Lee Simmons. Too flashy
  4. ^agreed. but i can be pretty conservative!
  5. Sorry but I am not a fan, I think that LV shoes are very seasonal and these will look dated fast...perhaps they already do since they are from Spring? And LV shoes for me are very uncomfortable.
  6. I like the shoes for their heels design, but some tPF members find the shoes rather uncomfortable to wear.
  7. I saw them in another thread, very cute IMO. Here is a picture of another member rocking them!!