Louis Vuitton experience in Milan/Rome

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  1. Has anyone been to those two boutiques? I'm wondering which store has the best selection, especially for men items?

    I'll be hitting both cities in September so I'm wondering what would be my best bet to find items from the Damier Graphite line.
  2. i have been too the two boutiques in Rome
    the one on via del condotti is bigger and nice sa's, the other one is very tiny and not so nice sa's
    i think the condotti store has more men items
    have fun on your trip!
  3. I've been to the one in Florence and the one in Rome on the Via Condotti. The Florence boutique is, IMO, the better store because it is a global store; they carry the entire collection including fine jewelry, watches, and men's/women's clothing. The Rome boutique is limited only to accessories and shoes. Florence also has some some pretty nice SAs. The one in Rome, has some very nice SAs but their may be a language barrier if you don't speak Italian. Good luck on finding the place in Florence though as the streets in Florence are hard to navigate.
  4. I actually went to both stores in 2006 but I hardly remember what they were like haha. I just went in with my mom because she wanted a few things.
  5. I just got back from the Florence LV store and it was HUGE! They had everything; bags, luggage, jewelry, clothing, sunglasses, shoes, accessories, etc. They had a great selection of both men and women's items, you should definitely go there! The woman who helped me was named Barbara and she was AMAZING! The LV store in Florence is really easy to find. Go to Piaza Repubblica (its the one with the carousel, right near the Duomo and the Gucci and Miu Miu stores!) and head straight under a bridge/underpass looking thing (its actually a hotel I found out) on street "Via Degli Strozzi (dear God I'm hoping I'm not leading you astray! I was just there about a week and a half ago and I'm looking at the map and I'm like 99.9% sure thats the street. If you follow the street there is a D&G store on your right like a block down. If you see that, you know you're on the right street! Keep going, and at the next intersection there will be a Fendi on your left hand side. LV is next door! :yahoo: good luck! And believe me--its AWESOME!
  6. I remember I popped into the one in Rome outside the Spanish steps (I think that's where it was !) and the SAs were speaking JAPANESE ! :graucho:

    But yeah, it was very small !
  7. The Florence store has an incredible selection. Every time I called to buy something, they had it in stock and in my size. Plus they are very friendly.
  8. the florence store is really really huge.. bigger than the store in Rome..

    & i managed to find a LE bag in Florence when Rome & Paris all ran out of stocks..
  9. I've been to the LV in Rome by the Spanish Steps. It has some lovely SAs, but the boutique is very small. That day I did not buy anything LV, but burberry instead. Weird, I know...I had been wanting a LV monogrammed speedy for so long, but I bought a burberry "speedy." WHen I did buy my first speedy, it still was not monogrammed. It is the damier speedy 25. So now, this year in the Fall, I will finally buy the mongram speedy either 25 or 30.

    You should definitely check out the spanish steps for shopping. THey have so many designer shops. Also, while in Italy...Check out the designer Alviero Martini. You may have noticed purses with the maps on them. Those are very nice and hard to find in the states. Something new and different. Have fun on your trip! Let us know what store you decide to go to and what you decided to get!
  10. I'll be in Europe next month and I can't wait to get the Damier Neverfull. I'll be leaving through Rome on November 15th! And given that the Damier Neverfull is also to be released on the 15th, I'm hoping there's LV at the airport in Rome so I can snag one before i get on the plane. Anyone knows? :confused1:

    Thanks, thanks! :smile:
  11. Maybe not- In Japan they had 2 Hermes in the airport on no Vuitton.
  12. No, there isn't a boutique at the airport in Rome. Maybe you could try to get to a store before your flight?
  13. Awww... bad... my flight leaves at noon that day so I need to be at the airport atleast 2 hours before and since it's a Sunday, I heard stores open late on Sundays. boohoo....:crybaby:
  14. As far as I know, LV doesn't open its boutiques in airports. :tdown:
  15. Agreed. I've never seen one, only other high end designers.