Louis Vuitton Cup GM Sunglasses

  1. These are so so cool, any one here got them?

    LV Cup Sunglasses
  2. Hmmmm...For some reason, I've never been a big fan of LV sunglasses! Love their bags and shoes but that's about it...
  3. I love the sunglasses, but these are a bit too sporty for me.
  4. I think they are cool for the beach
  5. im not a fan of these ...like twinkle tink, they are too sporty
  6. I like them.
  7. not this style
  8. Yes, it's a little too masculine for me.
  9. I do not like this style. But the new ones in Blue aren't all that bad. These I care nothing for though.
  10. I agree with the people that said they are too sport... :s
  11. not this style
  12. It depends on who's wearing them. My husband has them and they look great on him. The style fits his face, but like any pair of sunglasses, they're not right for everyone.

    He told me they're the best sunglasses he's every owned. He is not a guy who's overly interested in fashion, so the reasons he loves these are practical instead....

    ..they wrap to the sides providing good protection, they filter the sun without making everything look dark, the detachable strap is a handy feature, also they float if dropped in water, so you're less likely to lose them at the beach or pool. (they don't sink!)
  13. Meh, not really my style.
  14. I considered the smaller size. Ultimately, I passed since they aren't polarized which was a requirement for me since I would be using them for ocean paddling. I really wish they had polarized them; not sure why they didn't. :shrugs:
  15. IMHO, they're yucky, but if they fit your style and face well. By all means get them. :yes: