Louis Vuitton Collection Question

Mar 4, 2018
Started in 2002, but got disinterested in bags and fashion in general for a while, then returned to it. About half was purchased pre-loved and half new. I have, in nor particular order except for my first (a mono alma):

Mono alma pm (but not called that when I bought it)
MC Alma in Noir
MC Noir Pochette Accessoires
MC Blanc PA
Mono Petite Noe
Mono Cabas Piano
Mono Speedy
Mono PA
Mono Mini PA
Mono Pochette Cles
VERY old Mono Cles (true vintage)
Brown Cherry Blossom PA
Pallas Clutch in Cerise
Vachetta Panda Cles
Mono Babylone
French Company mesenger bag (trocadero)
Mono phone case (use it as an eyeglass holder
2 vintage wallets (no clue on the names)
35 or so year old checkbook cover from saks (mom had two and gave me one when I was a kid - I proceeded to write in sharpie my name and account number inside it - doh!)

What I had but sold: (and have total seller's regret)
Robert Wilson Reade PM in orange and pink (loved it but it was so hard/akward) to carry
Trocadero 23 (gave to my mom)
MC Speedy in Blanc (I muss that bag but cant afford to replace it right now)
MC Blanc cles (old style)
petite bucket in mono
vintage danube
Yellow Epi Malasherbes (I miss that bag, but it held NOTHING and was hard to carry)

I have not bought much recently because I am not as thrilled with the quality/style/prices. I do love the owl face/dog face items/
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Mar 2, 2008
I started in 2007. My first piece was the Monogram Speedy 25. I gifted it to my mom. My collection is in my signature.

At one time I had: White Multicolore Pouch GM, Mini Monogram Lucille GM, Suhali Lockit PM in Ivory, Monogram Viva Cite GM, Gold Mirroir Agenda PM, Epi Lilac Speedy 25


Dec 3, 2005
I started around 2005-06, but don't have a huge collection. I've sold off bags I no longer use or love.


Jan 12, 2018
I started about 4 months ago and I can't believe it has only been four months. It's terrifying to think the amount of money I have spent in such a short time. This is my collection so far:

1. Turenne MM
2. Speedy b 25 mono
3. Delightful PM DA
4. PA mono
5. PA DE
6. Mini PA DE
7. 6 key holder mono
8. Emilie bloom wallet

Hoping to get a graceful PM in mono before the end of the year and then I'm set... I think