Louis Vuitton Catalog?

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  1. I am wanting a catalog but are they available?

    Do you have to order them?

    How can I go about this?

    Is there a recent one available?

  2. I picked up mine in the store, not sure if you can order them.
  3. I ordered mine over the phone...in the UK tho. It costs about £7 i think i paid.
  4. Sorry I'm sorta new to LV but what is the catalog? Is this the big thick book which the SA's show me when I go to the store? Or is this the one they give out to customers?
  5. My catalog is mailed to me when they come out.
  6. my sa gives them to me, but i think y ou can order them through 866
  7. Yep, the current one is blue, I got mine from my SA awhile ago, but you can order them through the 866 line...in the US they are free, but you have to pay $10 for shipping :smile:
  8. Is the 2007 one out yet.
  9. Funny, SA told me they will no longer be doing catalogs, since the descriptions are on their website?!
  10. I got mine from my SA, but that was some time ago.
  11. I got mine from My SA , I read somewhere in the forum... that the 2007 le catalogue already came out ... I am not sure have to check with my SA . I have been really busy @ work . i just talked to my SA through the phone today to order my new bags.. thanks to Label Addict.. I might asked him tomorrow will let u know
  12. This has been asked many times in the past. I suggest using the search feature above to find previous threads about this topic. ;)
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