Louis Vuitton Amsterdam?

  1. How well stocked is it? I was surprised when I looked at the web, it didn't seem like it had a big selection, especially considering it's in a major european capital... :crybaby:Would it be "worth it" taking a day trip to Bruxelles if what I want is not im the dutch store? I'm thinking of mailing them. lol
  2. Hi, from my experience the store in amsterdam is well stocked! Sinces they also have LE.
    Just call LV and you will get you answers.
  3. Sounds great! Ill probably send them a mail later next week. Do they also have clothes/Jeans?
  4. Nop, no clothes... you'll have to go to Brussels or London for that. They can order it for you, though, if you know the product you want.
  5. Yes they have good selection bags and accessoires, dont worry!
  6. Good to know. Next time I visit my mil. I will sneak out and go shopping.
  7. I was wondering the same things!
    I knew they only sell bags, accessories and small leather goods, no clothes whatsoever, but I saw some pics online and it does look really empty!
    I'm curious what it looks like when I get there.

    Btw, Liberté, are you Dutch?
  8. ^
    No, I'm not dutch, but I'm taking a short visit to amsterdam soon, visiting friends, and I was hoping to get some of the LV stuff I want as the store I usually use (Oslo) still is small and because of that hardly know when they'll get things and what they'll get. (The store and the staff itself is very nice though. =) ) I was surprised the only store in netherlands is so small though. Maybe it's not so popular there?
  9. the last time i was in amsterdam was 2 years ago. but from what i remember they had LE items (cerises) and the store was kind of empty with a few asian tourists.
  10. Oooh, okay :smile: Well, have fun!
    And yes, I don't think LV is popular in the Netherlands... Only sad Dutch soap-opera 'celebs', asian tourists, and a couple of people who saved up enough go there I guess... Holland's not so full of LV:sad:
  11. You should visit the shop in Antewerp, it is a new ne, and I think it is the biggest of Belgium. It's huuuuuge.
    I think they almost have all bags you want!

    It's only 50 kilometers from Brussels, so a 30-45 min. drive.
  12. ^
    Thanks for the tip, but I think it'll be a little too far for me to go. I checked it out on the web and it looks like an amazing store though! :sweatdrop: