Louis Vuitton Accessories?

  1. Hey ya'll . . . I was wondering . . .

    Does anyone know if Louis Vuitton accessories such as keychains, costume jewelry, and everything is made in-house? I know that they manufacture all their handbags, clothes, shoes, and sunglasses, but I was wondering if anything at all was licensed out to other companies like most luxury houses do. It just seems to me that it would take a LOT of overhead to have the resources to make all the different items that LV produces, and that, even with such high pricetags, the cost might be prohibitively expensive for production. Any thoughts / info?
  2. No info... but very interesting topic. Curious to know myself... :confused1:
  3. great question..now I am curious to know...
  4. I don't think they license....coz they're a big enough company...they don't have stockists so that's always an indication of whether they license or not
  5. Good question. Maybe my PHH will know something. He made a presentation to LVMH's Bernard Arnault earlier this year on something that isn't related to bags. But maybe he would know something. I'll ask.
  6. Doing a presentation in front of Bernard Arnault would've scared the bee-geezes outta me ! He's one tought cookie of a business man :wtf: