Louis Vuittion Epi and Fashionphile

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  1. Hi everyone, I am wanting to buy my first good bag and have decided to start small with the louis vuittion epi pochette accessoires. I have found a few on fashionphile and was wondering, anyone who has epi leather, do you like it, is it durable/ shows marks easily ect. Also anyone who has shopped on fashionphile, has it been a good experience, do you trust their products. Thanks!
  2. I had an epi cluny (sold to a friend) and still have an epi alma. I bought them both used, they have been around awhile and still look great. I plan to buy another epi at some time. I have bought a LV neo cabby from Fashionphile, no problems at all. It was as they stated and arrived fast, I would buy from them again. Just watch out for older items that can have sticky and tacky issues inside., from where ever you buy. Be sure they describe insides and show pix.
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  3. thank you so much! The epi's that I was looking at had suede interior I was just wondering if yours did and if so how are they holding up?
  4. A good friend of mine bought 2 Epi buckets from vintage stores in Japan - both of them look beautiful, even the suede lining too. The epi leather is embossed so it would be easy to maintain since scuffs wouldn't be obvious.
  5. The insides and out are in great shape yet. No issues anywhere, both older bags. I have been looking the last few days and love the passy, if only it had feet. I wonder about the different sizes, I noticed the handles are different lengths also on the PM and GM. How's your search?
  6. Hi, izzypaige, im love bucket bag especially LV epi Noe.and im knowing that epi are easy to look after, so just go for it.
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