Louboutin Pigalles

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  1. Hi everybody. I'm new here so this is my first time asking a question. Let me start by saying I really do love high heels - the higher the better.

    Right now I see one of my very favorites is on sale on lots of places on Ebay. It is the Louboutin Pigalle. I like both the Black Patent and the Leopard styles. Yes - I know they have a little pointy toe box and really high heel but thats what makes them so cute - sexy - hot, don't you think?

    I'm just wondering, do you girls also like this style? Do any of you girls have these shoes? Are they as sexy as they look online? Are they hard to walk in?

    Thank you all for answering my questiions.
  2. They are hard for me to walk in. But they are a gorgeous shoe! :love:
  3. they r so sexy but i can't even imagine walking in them
  4. The Pigalles are gorgeous, I don't have them but I have the Clichys which are the same height.. they are sitting in my closet b/c I can't walk in them!!! :crybaby:They are easier to walk in if you have bigger feet though, but I wear size 7 shoes so.. :s lol.. are you thinking of getting them MsPriscilla??
  5. I have the 4-inch Pigalle's and love them.....the 5-inch ones, well, I absolutely adore them too, but given that my feet are tiny (36...need a 35-35.5 in the Pigalle 120 which runs large), the 5-inch heel just kills my feet even while trying them on :sad: And I've been wearing 4-inch's since my mid-teens. I wish I had bigger feet! There's just no way I can walk in the 5-inch ones even at a party where little walking is required.

    My alternative to the 5-inch Pigalle's is the Gwenissima's -- basically the Pigalle with a small platform upfront. It works wonders for those with smaller feet. I can walk in them without any problems.