Louboutin Pigalle 100 patent sizing ?

  1. If I take a 38.5 in the patent decolletes would I take a 38 in the Pigalle 100 in patent. (I heard you should size down)
  2. I have the black jazz decolletes in 36 and the 35 Pigalle 100 in leather. I think I'm a size 5-5.5 so I think I might even fit the 34.5 in the Pigalles.....but they didn't have that in so I had to get the 35.
  3. Hi javaboo, I was wondering where you got your 35 louboutins? Im looking for the camel jazz decollete 868s and cant find them anywhere, not even on ebay :crybaby:
  4. I don't own the pigalle 100, but I have tried them on several times. :heart: My regular decollete size is a 38.5, and here is how the pigalles compared:

    For the pigalles 100 in patent with the new sculpted heel that came out this spring, I fit into a 38.

    For the pigalles 100 in leather with the older, straight, set-back heel, I fit best in a 37.5.