Louboutin Mata Wood....Desperate Attempt

  1. I know this is a really desperate attempt because the Matawood are a couple of years old, but I thought I would give it shot.

    I've been obsessed with these shoes...they were a pair of CL's with a round toe, stacked wooden heel about 2.5", no platform. I'm looking for them in size 37?

    Any ideas were I can get them? I've been trying eBay for the past year....I know..really really sad.:push:

    Thanks everyone.
  2. posting pics for reference in case anyone has seen them. They currently have them at bluefly.com but of course you can never find your size when you want something from there :cursing: and hence no size 7.
    Matawood3.jpg Matawood1.jpg Matawood2.jpg
  3. thanks ladaatomica!

    i'm keeping my fingers crossed. :sad:
  4. btw, they are selling very similar metal heel versions on Saks.com and they have them in your size. The heel is probably an inch taller