Louboutin at the London Design Museum

  1. Thanks for these pictureS!
  2. I went yesterday and it was really beautiful. Sooo many lovely shoes, and I thought the David Lynch/Louboutin collaboration Fetish room was especially amazing. I also loved the little burlesque number with hologram Dita von Teese. :biggrin: My favourite shoe out of everything had to be the emerald green croc bootie... divine!! I was *this* close to just grabbing it and making a run for it. :lol:
  3. I was there, weeee! :biggrin::p

    The exhibition is amazing: all exhibited shoes are beautiful, fetish-room was my "must see" for a long time and hologram of dancing Dita is great addition to the whole collection of CL shoes!

    I changed in my Pigalles and posed in front of the entrance causing people to smile at me :p
    But who cares! It was my dream for 5 months to get there and it was totally worth 2 hour flight :cloud9:
  4. You're so lucky!
  5. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Anyone know where to find CL's appearance schedule???

  7. i went on friday and it was absolutely wonderful!!
  8. I went today - very interesting (even for a man!)

    The Dita Von Teese hologram was pretty impressive.
  9. The Lynch room was very cool. Surprised they weren't selling shoes in the gift shop :smile:
  10. Wow - nice work flying over to see it!
  11. Yay! I am so glad that you got to see it! The hologram sounds really interesting!

    Great photo with your Pigalles! Sounds like it was well worth the trip! :smile: