Lou Camera Bag vs Toy Loulou

Which would you pick?

  • Lou Camera Bag

    Votes: 13 76.5%
  • Toy Loulou

    Votes: 4 23.5%

  • Total voters
Jan 23, 2013
Hi - I’m deciding between the Lou Camera bag (medium) or toy Loulou in dark beige. I have a black on black toy Loulou and have been pleasantly surprised by how versatile it is. I want a bag in dark beige that can be casual all summer and hold a decent amount but the Lou camera bag isn’t really dressy. I rarely get dressy though and if I do, I likely wear black haha. Would you get another toy Loulou in dark beige or is it too repetitive with only having a small collection and instead go for the camera bag? I’ve had and sold the mini lou camera bag because it was too small and I don’t like that much gold hardware - it was too bright and yellow for my style.
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