Lost my new Chanel Sunglasses....

  1. and I only had them a week! I knew this was going to happen bc I lose eveything! I was shopping in SF yesterday and decided to run into Macy's since LV was closed. (also went into Chanel hehe- will post about that later) I did a little shopping in BCBG before making the drive home...well today my sunglasses were GONE! BUT..........there's a happy ending.....I called Macy's and they had them and are sending them to me! :yahoo:

    I have a feeling I am going to be replacing these glasses often.....am I the only one with this problem?
  2. PHEW!!!! Thank goodness for the happy ending,
  3. oh no, it sounds like you need one of those buzzer things. For my dad's birthday (he loses everything!!) we got him a beeper to find his keys/wallet/phone ahha. its awesome!! I love my Chanel sunglasses, ill pray that you wont lose yours!! haha just think before you leave anywhere.. do i have everything?
    I don't have this problem, I have an uncanny ability to keep sunglasses for years, but my sister loses a pair everyday I swear!:lol:
  5. [/quote] haha just think before you leave anywhere.. do i have everything?[/quote]

    I wish it was that easy for me!!!! Funny thing was, the entire time I kept thinking I need to make sure I don't leave my sunglasses.....but then I got carried away with some cute clothes and that I better get home- I just forgot about them. :rolleyes:
  6. I wish I could be more like you!!! It's an expensive habit. I'm getting better than I use to be.....I would leave my keys everywhere and have to spend hours looking for them.
  7. i'm pretty anal about most of my stuff but for some reason, i can NEVER keep track of my sunglasses. i lose them! i have to make a big effort to remember where i put my chanel sunnies, the one with mother of pearl CCs.

    my chanel SA says that women lose their sunglasses often, and they'll come in and pick up several of the same style so that when one is lost, there's backup. i haven't gotten to that point yet, i hope i don't have to! i love the one i originally have!
  8. I've lost them in the past but now I just toss them in my bag when I go indoors. Yes just toss them in - without regards to putting them in the case - rish scratching etc... Better than lossing them and honestly - they aren't scratched!

    Lucky for you some nice honest person turned them in!
  9. Glad I'm not the only one here....I was getting a little :blush:.....I read somewhere that P Diddy has about 300 of the same sunglasses bc he looses them all the time. But then again, he's P Diddy..he can afford to do that. :supacool:
  10. That's a good idea and i agree it's better than not having them.

    I thought for sure they were gone forever.....I wasn't even going to bother calling bc I really thought it was a lost cause...apparently I left them on the counter when I was paying for my items. They said they were trying to find me....but I was gone. I did get lucky though bc I was planning on buying them again.....:s
  11. Yes!! :yes:
  12. That's exactly how I lost mine. Lay them on the counter, digging in the purse for the wallet... Just toss them in instead.:smile:
  13. Me too. I've never lost a pair yet (knock wood).:supacool:
  14. What luck they were returned! I don't seem to lose sunglasses, except in my purse! :yes:
  15. I have a few cheap sunglasses that are replaceable and I lose those all the time like if and when I wear them they DO get lost or I have them in my car. I also have several expensive sunnies that I keep track of and I always keep on my head when not on my face or in the case Thank God I've never lost a pair of my expensive sunnies!!