Lost cartier juste un clou with diamonds

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  1. hey guys, this is my first post here but needed your advice. The situation is, i saved up some money and found a cartier juste un clou on ebay that was 6 months old and selling for £6000. Saving me from buying in store for £10900. After buying i took it into the store and they confirmed its authenticity through my SA.

    Anyways, i noticed the bracelet continuously flings open, so i took it into store and told them. They checked it twice and said it was fine both times. A few months later as i was walking it fell, the cctv shows it falling and someone picking it up 10 mins later. The bracelet was not insured and im really unsure what to do. I reported it lost on a website that notifies all jewellers and informed cartier. Its been 2 months and havent heard a thing.

    I decided to email the cartier Managing director and explain to him the situation. I explained to him how my family had a history of cartier (even though my account only shows me buying my Love bracelet and ring) i also explained how i felt liability goes on cartier because i did contact them about the issue and that they cant just sell 10000 jewellery that doesnt hold together. I did mention i was looking at my legal options and i have some sway over customs in my home country so i can add extra customs on their jewellery if i felt like they were doing me wrong. However, i didnt mention it was purchased on ebay i just said it was purchased by my assistant and gave them the name of the person who purchased it.

    Anyways the client service supervisor responded the following day asking for my number and saying they would investigate.

    I just wanted advice on what u guys think i should do and if you think cartier will actually do anything? I would love a replacement obviously but id settle for paying half of it.
  2. Honestly? I think you should back off and insure your jewellery in the future. If they give you a good will gesture that is great but I’m not really sure how this is a Cartier issue. The bracelet fell off your wrist and you didn’t notice. You didn’t even buy it from them and got a bargain on it. This may be why. I have no doubt they will ask you for proof of purchase before trying to resolve the matter in any way and then you are stuck.

    I also have to say, in most countries, threatening consequences such as increased customs is illegal for those in a legitimate position to do so. And it’s a crappy use of power. Sorry to be so blunt.

    I really do hope the best possible outcome occurs and that is the person who picked it up gets a stroke of goodness and turns it in and it is returned to you.
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    Are you looking for confirmation of plausibility in order to scam Cartier? Your story is free of confirmation for your case.

    If it fell off, wouldn't you have been unaware of where and when that happened? So how did you know which business might have CCTV of it falling off? Why didn't you file a police report and submit the tape as evidence of theft?

    You have no position threatening Cartier in any way. Without insurance, without documentation of any statement from Cartier, without filing a police report, well then...what's solid here? It was entirely your responsibility to protect yourself against loss, or deal with the consequence. And so here you are.
  4. Spot on.
    This is exactly why businesses have to reduce their customer service. They are always getting scammed by people trying to one up them.
    "My family has a history with you" Meanwhile, you buy from ebay - Just insure your jewelry.
  5. :shocked:
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  6. So let me get this straight.

    1. You bought your bracelet off eBay.
    2. You took it in to Cartier and they said it was fine.
    3. You lost the bracelet.
    4. Your jewelry isn't insured.
    5. You wrote to Cartier and lied about purchasing the bracelet from the store. Deliberately. And you gave them a fake contact name.
    6. You're expecting a replacement because it's their "fault."
    7. You're threatening them with vague legal action.

    Cartier doesn't owe you anything. And quite frankly your lies are unacceptable.
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  7. Indeed, they may actually be actionable - under criminal and civil law fraud statutes - depending on jurisdiction :hrmm:
  8. advice: change your bad character and delete your post before a subpoena issues...a warrant too. your IP address, accounts, etc. could be tracked; if I was a prosecutor and this was brought to my attention as evidence against you, ‘would’ be tracked. also, you have no idea who reads these boards.
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  9. LOL you've got to be kidding me. What makes you so special that you think Cartier will go out of their way to replace a bracelet that YOU lost? Unbelievable.
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  10. Spoiled.
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  11. This post is hilarious and hopefully fictional :P
  12. First I'm sorry you lost your bracelet ,I know how devastating it must be .special after saving for one.
    Okay first tell the truth to cartier where you bought goes long way being honest, second if you have homeowners insurance and you should have receipt from eBay how much you paid you could put claim in.second I hate to say this but I suggest taking down thus post being more nice to cartier in the future.goes long way they have very good to there customers,but when you threaten someone doesn't go over very well with them.
    I'm guessing that you properly didn't close correctly.like other people said where u where you might have video camera which will see who took it then go to the police with video let the detective investigate it.
  13. Jeeez. First time poster, signed up yesterday, and now such a story ...

    But the best part is this:

    Really made me laugh out loud.:giggle::giggle::giggle:

    Please go and troll some other place!

    Kind regards,
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    Yes!!! Please impose higher customs on Cartier jewelry in your country because Cartier is refusing to replace the JUC that you purchased second hand and you lost.

    What a wonderful way to use your power & influence! I can't wait to see how well all this works out for you.
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  15. If you have sway over customs in your country why couldn't you just buy the JUC directly from Cartier?
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