Los Angeles TPF meeting!!

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  1. hiiiiiiiiiiii a BIG shout out to everybody..
    i just think that we should UNITE (sounds like a cult LOL) and i would love to meet all my PF girls in Los Angeles..and whoever
    might be in Los Angeles in the month of October...
    we could have dinner plus wonderful desserts at grand lux cafe and just chatt alll night long about bags bags n more BAGS!!!cocktails definitely included too..hihi..:nuts:
    what do you guys think??
    give me a shout out if you'll be in LA or Living in LA..
    also..what date or time will be the best for you guys..
    mine would be end of october...
    i seriously wanna know the girls better.. and if the meeting goes well..we could arrange for shopping trips together next time and also buying/trading bags in person...!!!would save all the hassel and troubles of paypal fees and endless waiting for bags to be shipped!!!
    im EXCITEDDDDDD!!!:yahoo:
    soooo let me know!!!!!reply in posts here!!!!!
    ps:if you have better ideas spiilll pleaseeee
  2. :amazed: !!! i live in OC, but currently in FL until end of November!!!!!!
  3. if this goes well..and everybody is as excited about it as i am!!
    we could have a gathering each month!!!!
    and also it could be like a monthly thing where we celebrate birthdays too..for example we could all chip in $20-$50 for a one time thing every month..and so whoever's birthday falls on that month..that money would be use to pay for the dinner we are all having...OMG..im so thinking like way too far for this..and im suppose to be studying now..HAHAHA..
  4. I live in Los Angeles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I love this idea! I know they are a lot people in Cali, and hopefully around this area! I was about to popst something like this too! Yes, I can even help you plan things if you want me to! I would love to help! yes, we could arreange to do so many things!
  5. YES, YES, YES, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    I would love it!!!!! I am so excited just thinking about this!!! I would so love to meet all you lovely LV loving ladies!!!!
  6. That is what I felt! I am so excited! I can finally see and get to know all you ladies!
  7. me too. I live in Los Angeles...
  8. I wish I lived in LA!!! hehehehehe! you guys are so lucky to have MEETS!!! Its just me and my bags over here! hehehehe!
  9. Oh Helenz, don't feel bad!
  10. i live in LA as well.
    i thought i was the only excited one..hihi*...
    okkk so i thought 26th of October(THURSDAY) is a good date for a let's say 8pm dinner reservation at GRAND LUX CAFE in BEVERLY CENTER?
    PM me whoever wants to join so i can make reservations..
    let me know if this date is not good?
  12. Oh oh! :crybaby: :crybaby: Can we have it later, or the next day! It is my mom's birthday that day!
  13. hmmmm..how about 23rd October? (monday night)
    please pm me if you can join us so i can rsvp!:yes:
  14. Sounds awesome!!! Especially b/c thats where I get most of my LVs from....:yahoo: Will PM ya!!!
  15. Can you guys only meet during the week?