*Lori's Legacy* Dustbags- Help with Sizes

  1. Ok girls,

    I woke up this morning only to find out I'm going to be busy for the next year, heh. If you have a chance, could you measure some dustbags for me? I only have one bag that came with one and I'm thinking I'd like to offer three general sizes (s,m,l) so I'll have to average the sizes out to accomplish this and create a scientific system heh.

    And then I'm thinking of whipping up one of each for eBay just to see how they do. I'm still stuck on pricing, especially with the amount of support I've had with this! That's the thing with crafts, it's really all in what a market will bear, supply and demand etc. I could either drive myself crazy, or have it be totally worth doing for me.

    Thanks for any sizes you can give me!
  2. here ya go!
    small (white ones from the outlet) 8 x 8
    medium 14 x 12
    large 17 x 14
    xlarge 20 x 16
    xxlarge 24 x 20

    I found these looking at peoples auctions just for dustbags on eBay
  3. OH but wait! the small size for charms and keychains is 7.5x7.5"

    I think these would be soooo awesome, esp. since many of us don't have a sleeper for our charms ;)
  4. oh wait, i didn't see that it was posted above as 8x8. ;)
  5. Thank you thank you :smile: