LoriB, someone stole your ebay photos!

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  1. they even stole the same description! People will do anything for a buck. ALL PF'S NEED TO WATERMARK THEIR PHOTOS!
  2. EBay sellers have to be so careful...people are so ruthless these days that they'll even use pictures that are watermarked.
  3. that is SO annoying and wrong. bad karma going to that seller for sure!
  4. This happens non-stop on ebay. Everyday I see a string of new listings all with stolen pics/text from previous auctions. The obvious answer is to watermark like crazy but even that doesn't always help! They are ballsy little bastards and the auctions are usually over by the time we report them. It's like they throw out a big net and sadly they always get a few nibbles.
  5. Both bad listings are down! Yaaaay vigilant PFers!! :smile:
  6. Thanks. My auction is over (didn't sell) so if you see this bag on ebay again, you can bet it is a stolen pic.

    Watermarking is a waste of time, it does not help at all. I included info about stolen auctions in my own auction. I depend on people to be smart enough to know that they aren't going to get an 04 Bbag for $98 from someone in China. *L*