Looping MM, Viva Cite MM, Boulogne, or Tikal PM?

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  1. Looping MM, Viva Cite MM, Boulogne, or Tikal PM? Which one is the best over-the-shoulder purse (non-tote)? Which one is a classic that will still be around in 30 years (like Audrey Hepburn's Speedy or the Alma)? What are your opinions on the Looping MM, Viva Cite MM, Boulogne, or the Tikal PM?
  2. I like the looping mm and the tikal pm...very simple and nice
  3. I have the looping and love it so that one gets my first vote but there is a thread on how the strap is uncomfortable to some. I also love the shape of the Tikal.
  4. i like the tikal or viva cite mm
  5. tikal!
  6. Tikal PM!
  7. i like the Tikal PM most out of the four. the other shapes just don't appeal to me at all :blah:
  8. I like the Tikal PM too!
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