Looky looky! Miss Ink City has arrived!

  1. I got this from the WONDERFUL Corey at RealDealCollection. She shipped this baby to me so fast my head spun! I shipped my 06 sapin men's day to her last Tuesday for some Bbag credits, and today got this amazing Ink City! :yahoo:Celebrate with me, ladies (and gents)!
    ink1.jpg inkindoors.jpg inkoutdoors.jpg
  2. Congrats :yahoo: I love INK.:jammin:
  3. AWESOME ink City, looks good on you too, congrats:yahoo:
  4. Congrats. It's really nice!
  5. Thanks for sharing....love ur new INK city....i'm crazy over this color too....still searching for it....sigh
  6. CONGRATS! I love how distressed it is! I want something INK so bad!
  7. congrats! she's lovely!
  8. Hope this time works....hope u don't mind as i hope everyone can see this lovely bag in an enlarge version.....:graucho: :graucho:

  9. Thank you so much! I usually do upload the pics within the post, but today for some reason I was too lazy! I'll do it now.

    This is outdoors in the So Cal twilight tonight:


    This is on the carpet of my home indoors:


    And this is on me (pardon the outfit and the bathroom!):


    Thanks for sharing my joy! :yahoo:
  10. I love it!! :heart: The ink city is my most favorite bbag!! Congrats - it is beautiful!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. Ink is amazing - one of my favorites!
  12. :drool: I love ink!!! looks great on ya! thanks for sharing pics!!! :o)
  13. That's amn amazing ink. The leather is perfect and so is the color! Congratulations!
  14. Yay! Love it! I think I'm one of the rare people who aren't bothered by the SS 06 leather.
    Great choice, I know you're going to enjoy this one

  15. Gorgeous! The leather on your bag is amazing. Absolutely beautiful!