Looks like a new upcoming lamb bag

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I think that is an old bag--she's been pictured with it lately, like when she went to lunch with Tom Dumont. It is the Sutton from the Kensignton collection in the color black.
  3. oh, i never seen a black kensington. i went to look it up at lambcollections but didn't see it in black.
  4. i kinda like it.. any up close picture of the bag?
  5. Check out lambcollections.com indi. There are better pics of the Sutton, but in a different color.

    lambbaby - The black kensignton wasn't as popular as the other colors like smoke, although I believe Nordstrom.com and a few other websites had some of them. I've seen a lot of the black ones at off 5th. Lambcollections lists the color, but I don't think there are pics of it.
  6. this is a sample kensington from last fall.
    The Trim is a Vachetta a la LV.

    They had them at the sample sale, this version was never for sale, the normal released black kensingtons had brown trim.
  7. ^^We can always count on Wecos to tell us the real deal!!! Thanks lol
  8. ohhh.
    it's the sutton bag.. i never picture it to be carried like that.. good to know!
  9. hahha, i hope im not coming off as a know it all, because farrr from that!
    I havent been in the loop.
    I have a $400 bonus check coming soon!
    What lamb should i get!?
  10. I never made it to the sample sale, I busted my knee and was on crutches.

    hopefully there will be one again this year.
  11. O goodness no!!! We need someone who knows the real deal....:yes::tup:
  12. Trenchtown if you haven't ordered it already!
  13. Wecos, a boy after my own heart. Bonus checks at this house always equal new lamb!!!!

    I second the trenchtown.
  14. OMG totally forgot about the trenchtown!

    Thing is, i dont feel comfortable about ordering it until i have the money in hand....I hope its in this fridays check!
  15. I've wanted the Sutton since April 07, and of course once I decide I won't try to get one, I don't need it, etc., Gwen's gotta whip hers out. Whatta *****! (said in the most loving way, of course.)