Looking to purchase my first City!

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  1. My husband is encouraging me to purchase my first Balenciaga since I have always wanted one. :smile: He really likes the recent cigare fonce city and wants me to get that one.
    I'll have to buy it online since the one store in my state that carries Balenciagas usually has a terrible selection and is quite far from me.

    Is it better to buy from the Balenciaga website? Neiman Marcus sent me a $50 off code that is valid on the bag that I want to purchase. I have to pay sales tax on either website because of state tax laws.

    Any advice? I did a search on the boards to read reviews and it seems like either is a good choice to buy from. I'm just looking for some more recent thoughts and reviews. How is the packaging for each retailer when ordering online?
  2. Hi bear,

    I recently purchased my first city in latte from Neiman Marcus and thought the experience was fine. I can't speak to buying from Balenciaga online.

    I love the bag, but it took about 3 weeks to arrive (I guess I'm just used to Amazon prime delivery speed). It came in good condition in a flat box, unstuffed, and had all of the accessories (tassels, mirror, dustbag, auth cards, etc).

    The only reason I bought online vs. in store was because of a fairly significant discount through NM's website and Discover. If price had been the same and I didn't have a store near me, I would have enlisted the help of a good sales associate as the leather can vary.
  3. You can email a SA at the Bal LV Boutique and ask for pics. They are quite helpful and it's best to "see" the bag you are going to purchase IMO. They will take your CC info via an email form and will ship UPS at no charge unless you want to upgrade and receive it overnight or 2 day express.

    Another option is to order from Bal.com. They take returns.

    I've ordered from Barney's as well and received quickly.
  4. Thank you so much for the feedback, everyone!

    cottonbear -- I know exactly what you mean about being used to the fast shipping of Amazon. :smile: I never thought about getting the extra discount through my discover card!

    MAGJES -- That was very helpful advice about the Bal LV boutique. Maybe I can also ask my sister to look when she goes back to vegas. :biggrin:
  5. Hello Bear!'

    I will highly recommend Balenciaga.com. They only took two days to get my bag to me and that was complimentary shipping. It also comes with a Balenciaga gift box. I know Neiman Marcus does not give out Balenciaga gift boxes. I also feel as if they have the best leather as of right now. I have always been skeptical of buying from Neiman just because of fear of getting a bag that has been on display for months. Hope this helps!!
  6. shayna -- Thank you so much! I have to be honest: I really do want the Balenciaga gift box! :biggrin: I love to collect the boxes my purses come in.