Looking to buy my first pair of CL

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  1. I'm looking to buy a pair of CL and was thinking maybe buying off one of the consignment shops. But after watching a shoe collection video on youtube the beauty guru who did the video, said that she had to try on a bunch of the same shoe, in the same size before she found a pair that fit the way she wanted. She also said she got a pair as a gift that were the same style and size but a different color and they don't fit nearly as well as her other one's.

    Do you guys find this to be true?
  2. I think it is really personal.

    I have CLs that are a little too big or were a tad snug at the beginning, but I made them work thanks to foot petals or breaking in at home etc. My friend, on the other side, HATES the idea of putting something inside the shoe or breaking shoes for hours and it would never work for her.

    The good thing that CLs do mold to your feet and you just have to make sure they are not too snug or too big.:P
  3. If you're considering an online and/or consignment purchase, I'd recommend doing as much research as possible on the style and sizing ... there's tons of info here in this subforum.

    Is there a particular style you are trying to find?
  4. I think for my first pair I'd want the Simple pumps in black. Maybe the Daffodil in black. But the Daffodil might be a bit too high for me. Since I don't wear pumps that often.
  5. I'd you don't wear heels often I wouldn't start with a 160mm heel. The Simple/New Simple, Ron Ron, Very Prive/Hyper Prive, and Pigalle 100 are some of the CL styles that many of the ladies here find comfy and easy to walk in. The VPs in black kid were my first CL purchase, and they were incredibly comfy.

    Do you have a dept store that sells CLs or a CL boutique near by you that you could try on different styles?
  6. How exciting! My first pair were Pigalle Platos. I didn't account for breaking in, so they were very soon too big for me and I had to sell them. My second were Decollettes, and boy they hurt at first but now I wear them almost every day. If I had sized up, there's no way I could wear them now because of how they break in.

    It may take some trial and error but the sizing advice on here is tremendously helpful and if you can, try to try some on in-store before you take the plunge.

    Can't wait to hear what you end up with!