Looking Stunning, Halle, Gets Her Star

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  2. She looks gorgeous.
  3. Halle looking absolutely smoking hot received her star on Hollywood Boulevard today, it’s the 2,333rd star awarded Hollywood’s finest or those with enough money to buy one.
    In attendance were her mother, Judith Berry, stud-muffin boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, and Samuel L. Jackson.
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  6. Gorgeous...grats to her! :yes:
    now when's my turn!? :p
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  9. Do you see who I see ? :graucho:
  10. She looks gorgeous as always! And I love that hair color on her! And her bf is :drool:
  11. i love her... she always looks fab...
    and yes... her bf is definately droolworthy :drool:
  12. i love her, she is always so gourgeous!
  13. she looks amazing!
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    SNAP !!
  15. Is it Oliver Hudson?