Looking for YELLOW!

  1. I've got to find a bright yellow bag, and I'd especially love patent. I like BIG bags. Know any good ones, hopefully under $800? Thanks!
  2. as soon as I saw yellow I thought of the city. L.A.M.B. has yellow as a color for the leather line this season. I dont think the leather in yellow is online but Nordstrom carries it.
  3. how about a yellow tano?
  4. I think I saw a yellow Isabel Fiore bag on sale at NM and Nordstrom online.
  5. The IF is called the Puff Enough and it's on sale at NM for $438. I think It's cute and not the usual IF IMO, it's really a bright yellow.
  6. I second the Tano vote!!
    3721_French Nanny.jpg 3716_Fonzworth.jpg
  7. LOL...I knew it was waaaaaay over budget, but when I saw it I started drooling.:drool:
  8. What about the Lola by Linea Pelle in Limonetta? I have the handbag in Desert and I really love it and its on sale right now on several different sites.

    Linea Pelle's site ($352.50)

    Kataphileo's site ($300)

    BagsBuy.com ($313.95)

    Hope this helps. This bag is great...it has 2 side pockets big enough to hold your cell phone, keys, lip gloss and I could put my sunglasses in also.
  9. Just a suggestion, but you might want to call a few Nordstrom's to see if they have any on sale on Friday. Call today and they can charge/send on Friday. They have fab bags for 40%+ off! I'm not sure if they have Jimmy Choo, but it is worth a try.
    Also, I ordered that Linea Pelle Limonetta, and was really disappointed in the color. Online (on LP's site) it looks almost fluorescent yellow. IRL it is golden tan. :sad:
    Good luck!
    You could always get one of the Balenciaga yellow bags that are coming out soon! teehee :heart:
  10. I LOVE the Marni Balloon Handbag. It's like $1600 but it's awesome.
  11. The Begeren Moorea is gorgeous! Here is a pic of the green and one of the caramel brown, but they have a lemon/school-bus yellow that is absolutely yummy! (Sorry I cant find a pic of it) It is $398 from begeren.com
    beg.jpg 104_7.jpg