looking for toki in santa monica area

  1. hi ladies, i need your help - could you please list stores that sell toki (preferably bags and toys) around the santa monica area? also, the los angeles area would be helpful too! if there's been a thread on this, please direct me! thank you!
  2. They have a giant robot at the promenade, check out the mall as well across the street.
  3. thanks kula_bear! do you know of any specific stores in the mall i should check out as well?
  4. I think they have either a Macys or a Nordstom there, Im not sure. I'm sure some of the skateboard stores their might carry it. Try the Beverly Center as well, I got my AS zucca at the Lesportsac there.
  5. Also Happy Six carries bags, clothes and other tokidoki accessories.. The Westside Pavilion mall also has Macy's and Nordstroms
  6. There's a Macy's at Third Street Promenade. I remember awhile ago there was a small boutique on Sawtelle Blvd in the Plaza that has Hurry Curry that carried bags but I haven't been back there in ages so I don't know if they still have them.
  7. Of course, everyone mentioned Macy's and Nordstroms- but another good source is JapanLA in Hollywood also a store called "Boarders" a skate shop in the Northridge Fashion Center