Looking for the Chloe Tekla

  1. I'd like the smaller one that doesn't come with the long strap if possible. If you've seen one or if you're returning one of yours, please please let me know!!! Thanks!!!!
  2. Bluefly, too
  3. Gorgeous bag.

    After a couple of months and only a handful gentle, careful uses, my Tekla fell right off my shoulder. The strap was attached to the soft, buttery leather, and it just ripped completely off, quietly, and I didn't even noticed until I felt it fall puddled around my feet on the floor.

    I was CRUSHED. Beautiful bag, and I paid just under 2 thousand USD for it (full price when it came out). I brought it back to the store for a store credit.

    Amazing leather, not sure why the strap isn't reinforced or attched to a structured part of the bag. Such a shame :crybaby:
  4. WOW!! Is this what I have to look forward to......I've only used mine a couple of times.....did you put very much weight in yours, I've put quite a bit in mine and it seems to be ok......so far:confused1:
  5. Yeah, mine is ok so far! I am using it as everyday workbag: wallet, several sets of keys, coin pouch, perfum spray, lip gloss, cell phone.
  6. Nope. Not much weight at all. A few things, nothing substantial. I never wanted to overwhelm it because I was worried about other aspects. To be honest, I usually carried it top-handle style!

    Do this... go to your bag and see where the long strap attaches. Is it attached directly to the soft leather, or a reinforcement within the bag behind the leather? Mine was not reinforced, and big surprise, that's where it ripped. I returned it and the gal at the counter was mortified and agreed it was not reinforced where it should have been.

    If you love the bag, don't pitch or sell it. Go have it reinforced at a cobbler or leather worker shop. I certainly would have had it reinforced it if I'd have done it before it ripped. Afterwards, it was useless.

    The leather really is unparalelled. Just the softest hand, and lovely colour. Mine was chocolate and yummy!
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