Looking for something similar to Coach Sabrina

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm looking for the perfect black bag to "splurge" on.
    I'm about to graduate from college and I need a classy, all-around black bag to last me the next few years.

    - Can easily be dressed up or down
    - Can accompany me to anything from interviews to lunch dates with the girls to groceries shopping
    - Classic style that will last years down the line
    - I like detachable shoulder straps or satchels that can be converted
    - Black!
    - Less than $350 is preferable (student budget!)
    - I like soft, buttery, smooshy leather (think B. Makowsky leather)

    I like the Coach Sabrina, but it's a little too dressy for little ol' me. I've also considered the MBMJ Groovee, but it's not as practical as I'd like.

    Any suggestions? :smile:
  2. I had a Coach sabrina and a Marc by Marc jacobs classic "baby aidan." They were very similar and I believe meet your criteria.
  3. What about the Botkier Sasha duffel? :biggrin:
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    what about Kate Spade "Westbury- dani" Hobo? it is classic, functional, and roomy. Dress it up or down with scarfs, charms, etc.

    I found mine on sale at Macy's for $160.00 (including tax) this past weekend :yahoo:

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  5. How about a Hype Gaby. They sell it at Bluefly and it's <$220 I think...
    Looks very similar to the Sabrina.
  6. Maybe rm mam?
  7. My vote as well!
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  9. Is the Coach Audrey too dressy? It's really similar, and in my opinion, a little less dressy that the Sabrina. Not to push you in that direction, but I hate to dress up...I'm most comfortable in jeans. So while I've used my Sabrinas in dressed up situations, (like interviews, and at work) I use them most often going out to a casual dinner and movie with my fiance, or just hanging out with the girls.