Looking for Red Lambskin Classic Flap!

  1. in the East West or Classic Pochette size with the old chain (I prefer it to the new one)--can anyone help? I've been looking for this purse forever!!!
  2. Have you tried calling NM in Houston (Houston Galleria)? A few months ago, they had it in stock, but I'm not sure if it's still there. You can call 800-397-5293 and ask to speak with Penny from handbag department. She is very helpful.
  3. Thank you!!!! I will try calling them tomorrow!!!
  4. OMG! I was at NM in Boca yesterday and almost bought that bag!!! :wtf: I went PINK for Easter, and well I LOVE PINK, instead!!! CALL SABRINA (561)417-5151x1312.. Good Luck & Let me know how you make out!!!;)
  5. how much is the east/west
  6. 1395 for caviar/ 1550 lamb... they are both soooo yummie!!!:rolleyes:
  7. houston didn't have it, and the one at boca raton was perforated :sad:
  8. its a gorgeous bag - I know one will turn up for you :smile:
  9. Oh, I hope so! I've searched high and low...I'm kicking myself for not buying it when I had the chance :cursing:
  10. NM Boston has one as of last week:heart:
  11. NM in Boston has the red perforated leather