Looking for Python Silverado!

  1. Hi, if anyone see's one can you post it? I called most of the Bloomingdales and they don't have any more:crybaby:
    Thanks so much!
  2. I just bought the chloe python silverado in muscade on sale from bloomingdales....original price was $2080... I got it for $650!!!!! no tax either!!!

    they had a black python one last week...and I posted it, but someone grabbed it already.

    good luck on your search.
  3. Wow, sounds Amazing!
    Post pictures when you get it. I guess i snoozed and losed. LOL!
  4. Hi Sarmel, I bought that black Python Silverado, but SA told me original price was $2300, and I got it for slightly over $800. You saw that black one so can you tell me if same size as your muscade one or slightly bigger? Thank you.
  5. I really wanted that black python Silverado! I was calling them for 2 days before I figured out no one answers the "designer handbags" ext. So I'm with you too chloebagfreak...we both losed...lol
  6. Tinntinn, I believe it is the same size as your black one! Do you have a picture of yours? I will post a picture of mine tonight or tomorrow. I bought mine last week for $857-ish? before tax, but I got a price adjustment today (due to the 50% off sale) and there's a no sales tax promo in MA this weekend (they gave me that deal today rather than having me come back on Saturday/Sunday)... and so I got it for $650!!!!
  7. I can't wait to see your bag Sarmel. I'm so excited for you...that's an unbelievable price!
  8. I haven't got mine yet as the SA gave me pre-sale for 50% off and will be shipped today or tomorrow. I hope it's in good condition. Even same size as yours and a bit more money, I'm happy that I got it as it was on hold for someone else till closing time that day. Thank you and congrats on your muscade for such a good price.
  9. Tinntinn, that's great that they did pre-sale for you. They told me (and everyone else) that there's no pre-sale!

    It IS in good condition, I looked at the black python, but I have too many black bags, and I was so attracted to the muscade that I went for that one.

    Okay, I'll take pictures now and add them in a bit.
  10. I suggested the SA to call Boca Raton (where I got a Silverado pre-sale already) to confirm, she talked to her manager and agreed to it. Thanks for letting me know the Python is in good condition, looking forward to receive it.

    Yes, love to see your muscade picture. My daughter has the muscade python and I have a tan python and they are just adorable!
  11. Okay, here are a couple pictures of the Muscade python!!!:heart:
    muscadepython (5).jpg muscade.python (3).jpg
  12. Hi, all:

    I got a black silverado from bloomingdales from Boca Raton too. Not sure which one it is though. But the SA said the original price was $1800, and after discount it is 600'ish. Got a Ava too. And the SA called yesterday and is shipping me a metallic Tekla. (At least from her description...don't know if it is the argent color)

    Definitely let the SA know what you are looking for and give her/him your number. I found the SA's at Boca Rotan extremely helpful. Also, several NR's are doing a big sell next tuesday. A SA yesterday letted me know that they might have some Chloe's shipping in from Nordstrom stores. But, she does not know which stores will get how many, what styles, or at what price. Try calling your local NR SA and tell them to watch out for that item and call you when it is available. Good luck.

    Am new to Chloe, and new to the forum. And can't tell you ladies how greatful I am for introduction to this great brand.
  13. acshih....congrats on all the new chloe purchases! May I ask how much the metallic tekla? cost? i believe I read that someone got one recently in the 700s, just wondering if there are any better deals out there yet.
    Thanks and post pics when you receive them.
  14. Hi, Sarmel:

    Very nice to "meet" you. Thanx for all the wonderful posts about the deals. I think the tekla is about $730, after extra 50% off. The original price was $2080. Don't know if SA charged me shipping or tax...who cares...Should be getting all the chloe's next week. Will post pics after I get them.
  15. When I talked to SA in Boca Raton last weekend for my Silverado pre-sale, she told me about this one Silverado @ $1800 reg., but the way she described that it has zipper in front, I wasn't sure if that's the Silverado tote. Please post pic when you receive your Silverado, love to see it! Thank you.