Looking for MJ Ursula Elise in patent blush

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  1. Anywhere I could find one for less than retail? Thanks so much :nuts:

  2. Ursula Elise sold out at many stores before it even got marked down -- not yet as far as I know, I can be wrong though. Even on eBay, it's very hard to find an authentic one.
  3. OK I'll tell my sis who's looking for one :smile: Hopefully I can help her find one eventually! How do you tell auth or NOT on eBay? No clue.
  4. The patent leather texture is a big help. It has to looks super crinkley throughout the leather. Fakes tend to have smooth patent leather, very little crinkles. I hope that makes sense?
  5. [​IMG]galaxy_factory_outlet is awful! That seller needs to get kicked off eBay.
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