Looking for LV Credit Card Case

  1. I've been window shopping on eluxury.com, looking for a case to keep my various cards (debit, VISA, dept. stores, etc. + all the receipts I collect making all of those purchases.) I already carry a big, fat zip-around wallet (sometimes D&B, sometimes LV Mono,) but believe it or not, I need another case for the credit cards! Right now I have a black one from Coach that might be a man's. It has a foldover front that snaps shut, and when opened, accordion folds out into 4 little pockets. I like the pocket style better than the slot style. Unfortunately, not all of the pics on elux show items all the way open, so it is hard to know which of the little wallets would work. (Kinda leaning towards MC in black....)

    Porte-Monnaie Plat?
    Cozy Purse?
    Monogram Multicolore Pochette MM?
    Carnet de Bal?
    Other suggestions?

    I'm currently carrying a Balenciaga Twiggy bag in a medium olive color, but I'm sure I'll switch off with my LV Looping in Mono at some point. Will the black MC work with my Mono and some other Mono accessories?:jammin:
  2. How about the credit card holder ($125), cles ($150) or one of the LV mono billfold wallets?? One of those may work too. :yes:
  3. i am with qtpie4u34. i love that item, its my next purchase after the pomme heart!

    the carnet de bal doesn't seem like it would hold much for cards. the interior is quite similar to the mini agenda, really.
    the porte monnaie plat would hold QUITE a bit though
    and the mono pochette wallet would DEF to the job, but its another wallet you would be carrying.
  4. cc holder is good if she only want additional storage for cards, but not so great to store receipt. Cles is great for cards also, but it get jammed easily when there's paper receipts in there. I would suggest something like a Wapity or Mini Pochette :')
  5. LVuitton.jpg

    It goes so well. :roflmfao:
  6. Poche Toilette 15 holds lots of cc's and receipts plus a Palm PDA.
  7. Mini pochette wouls work well for reciepts
  8. mmm, i love my mini. but i carry it as a bag! it will carry as many cards and receipts as you want, as well as a cell phone or a note pad.
    and that little gold chain is just so cute! you can wear it as a bag or attach it to one so it doesnt get lost in a big bag!
  9. if you really have a lot of credit cards consider the business card holder, it won't really put a limit to the number of credit cards you can fit and you can put receipts in it.
  10. I just got the Poche Toilette 15 and so far it's working out great!
  11. That's what I use in my bag for all my receipts, extra credit cards, gift cards, discount coupons, etc. There's even room for my Ipod in there, too.
  12. If you only need room for cards, I think the LV credit card case is best-I have been thinking about getting it myself.
  13. [​IMG]
    Monogram Multicolore Pochette GM

    Thank you everyone! This is what I chose, and it is working out beautifully! It holds everything I need it to in one nice, neat little package. No LV stores anywhere near me, so I ordered it from elux. (Thank God for elux :flowers: )