Books & Music Looking for legit site for downloading music

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  1. I use itunes but the selection is limited. I am clueless as to all the other ones out there and don't want to give out personal info in case they are scam sites. Does anyone know if is legit? It's supposedly .99 a month and legal so they claim with "no strings attached." It's hard to believe though, since itunes is .99 a song. So any advice re legit sites would be greatly appreciated.
  2. If you have an ipod make sure the site's song formats can be put on it.. ipods don't play well with others. :Push:
  3. anything that is an mp3 should be able to be put on an ipod. I just got an ipod and so far I've put nothing on it that I got from itunes. You just have to import the songs into their software.