Looking for Edith Messenger in whiskey

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  1. Hello. I'd like some help tracking down an Edith messenger in Whiskey. I haven't had much luck on E-Bay, and all the last call sales seem to only have the regular Ediths. Willing to wait for the right bag....please help! :confused1:
  2. ^^^ Found a whiskey messenger for you!!!! I just pm'ed you.
    So funny how things happen, I was just coming here to post about a whiskey messenger and "bumped" into your post! Isn't it funny how things work out..lol.
  3. Yes, thank you SO much! I called her and ordered it and it'll be on it's way tomorrow! :yahoo: Very funny how things tend to work out like that.... Thank you again!
  4. Glad I could help! Congrats on the new Edith!!!!
  5. Looking for one too. Let me know if you come across another.
  6. Will do;)!
  7. Try NM last call in AZ. I just ordered an edith in whiskey there . :yahoo:SA said they have a few left.here's the number
    480-831-7979 good luck!
  8. Thanks! I called, but they only have the regular Edith, not the messenger style...